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National Dong Hwa University College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Interdisciplinary Programs

    The ‘Interdisciplinary Programs’ provide students with the environment for interdisciplinary learning as well as training for cultivating multiple capabilities in order to advance their employment competitiveness. The HASS has designed and implemented two interdisciplinary programs, ‘Program of Cultural Creative Industries’ and ‘Global Studies and International Affairs Program’.

Program of Cultural Creative Industries

    Developed jointly by several Departments, i.e. History, Arts and Creative Industries, Taiwan and Regional Studies, and Sinophone Literatures, the ‘Program of Cultural Creative Industries’ integrates courses from different fields including literature, historiography, art, Taiwanese culture, etc. and provides students with a variety of courses, such as the concepts and skills of digital archive to enable those, who intend to work on culture-history research worker, to work smoothly in both fields and research institutes; skills and practical experiences in media and production, and theatrical theory and practice to enable students to acquire multi-field knowledge of media, art, management, etc. from history, creation and performance; students can also acquire the ability to actually plan and start a business by integrating together arts administration, management and marketing.

Global Studies and International Affairs Program

    Internationalization is always one of NDHU’s principal developments, and the work embarked so far can be divided into two categories, internal and external. The external work is to actively introduce foreigners to NDHU; the internal work is to take the initiative in cultivating students’ international perspective and international mobility. As far as the aforementioned cultivation is concerned, in order to encourage students to actively take the courses related to international affairs and widen their international perspective while responding to the guidelines for Taiwan’s ‘New Southbound Policy’ in the era of globalization, the HASS has implemented ‘interdisciplinary’ international affairs program to cultivate students’ international perspective and mobility, such as foreign languages, international commerce, international culture, international law and society, international trade, etc. Furthermore, by encouraging students to acquire 2nd foreign language as well as to by all means be in touch with non-English international societies, the HASS intends to break the rigid thinking, ‘Going international is going all English’.

    The implementation of this program is also beneficial to NDHU’s recruiting international students; furthermore, this program has also been designed to increase the passing rate of those students, who intend to take the civic service examinations related to international affairs.