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National Dong Hwa University College of Humanities and Social Sciences


Brief Introduction to Digital Culture Center (DCC)


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The DCC was established in September 2001 aiming to enhance the information literacy and remove the digital gap. The DCC not only conducted consultation for the Digital Opportunity Center (DOC) in Hualien County, an MOE project, from 2007, but also expanded the service range to Yilan County in 2016 and went deep into communities to provide information education related to education, society, culture, economy, etc. In 2015 the DCC took another MOE project, Popularizing Digital Application in Remote Areas, to promote offices, integrate inter-departmental digital resources, create fair digital opportunities for remote area residents, indigenous people, new inhabitants, women, old- and mid-aged people and people with low income in order to implement the Government’s intention to take care of people living in remote areas and different ethnic groups.

Brief Introduction to European Union Research Centre (EURC)


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Established in August 2009, the EURC is one of the seven university centers allied with the European Union Center in Taiwan (EUTW). The EURC is not only the platform connecting and promoting EU-related information in Taiwan, but also the window for international dialogues between the east coast of Taiwan and the EU to facilitate the EUTW in executing projects and promoting EU and European Studies. In 2015, the EURC conducted the EU’s L’action Jean Monnet project to lead participants to become acquainted with the EU from different aspects and angles by listening to both domestic and overseas EU scholars and experts. In 2018 the EURC was once again took the Jean Monnet Modules project to continue leading NDHU students to explore and know more about the EU.

Brief Introduction to Humanities Innovation and Social Practice Research Center (HISPRC)


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Being a College-level research center, the HISPRC was established in 2014. The first Director was Professor Winway Hsiu with the Department of Sinophone Literatures, the current Director is Professor Hurng-Jyuhn Wang with the Department of Public Administration. The focus as well as the orientation of the HISPRC is to adopt the thinking of “Humanities Innovation” to drive the research of “Social Practice”, encourage both empirical research and interdisciplinary research and advance the research quality and quantity of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences by conducting multiyear & integrated projects. The projects currently being implemented are the Counselling for Co-operative Development in Hualien-Taitung Region commissioned by the National Development Council and the Lanshan Forestry-related Historical Data Tracing & Publication Editing Services commissioned by the Hualien Forest District Office of the Council of Agriculture.

Brief Introduction to Public History Research Center (PHRC)


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The so-called ‘Public History’ generally contains three ideas: history belonging to the general public, history is written for the general public, history is written by the general public. In order to popularize the development of public history, to promote the abovementioned three ideas, the PHRC was established under the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

The PHRC is currently conducting two projects:
(1) Hualien County Cultural Relics General Survey & Hō-An-Ko Safe Investigation Research Project (2017-2018) aiming to surveying the public education institutes (north of Fenglin, Hualien County) and registering the over-50-year precious cultural relics.
(2) National Dong Hwa University Oral History and Interview Project aiming at preserving the precious memories regarding the establishment of NDHU by collecting and sorting data related to NDHU history as well as interviewing the key persons and alumni since the establishment.

Yang Mu Center for Literary Studies (YMCLS)

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The Yang Mu Center for Literary Studies (YMCL5) at National Dong Hwa University was founded on November 30, 2018, in honor of the poet-scholar Yang Mu's outstanding contributions to literature through his writing and teaching. Born ìn 1940 in Hualìan, Taiwan, Yang Mu is considered a pivot figure in Modern Chinese literature. Launching his career as a poet and writer over six decades with "By the Water's Edgee,” his prelude-like poem written at seventeen, Yang Mu has published more than fifty poetry and prose collections, together with tens of translated editions in several languages, and wonprestigious awards in Taiwan (China Times Literature Award, Wu Sanlien Literary Award, and National Award of Art), Malaysia (Hua Zong International Prize for Chinese Literature), the United States (Newman Prize for Chinese Literature), and Sweden (Cikada Prize). Apart from his prominent achievements in poetry and prose, Yang Mu is also a renowned comparative literature scholar whose works of translation as well as literary research and criticism have received recognition for excellence.

The YMCLS, in full collaboration with the Yang Mu Library and the Yang Mu Lectures in Literature, both also at Dong Hwa and sponsored by Mr. Tzu-Hsien Tung, the Chairman of Pegatron Corporation, is devoted to acquiring archivesand collections of Yang Mu Studies, providìng digital access to resources on Yang Mu, joining global Yang Mu scholars and researchers, and expanding new horizons of research in modern and contemporary literature.